Posted by: abbyanavilok | January 9, 2012

Expectations for EPS-100

Today we started the first course of 2012 : EPS-100. It feels great to be back in school and up bright and early after the holidays.

Expectations from this course is like all the other courses i’ve taken before and it is to pass. I believe this course teaches us how to become teachers and what to expect in the classrooms of today. I think it also teaches us how can we manage a classroom full of students, schedule the classroom time with different subjects and prepare for the day’s events. I know we will be going into the classrooms of the elementary school and that we have to help the teachers with what they need help with their students. By doing this i think it will teach us just how teachers work in a classroom and how much we can adapt to such an environment filled with students, learning and fun. One main thing about this course is to do a presentation based on cultural activities related to Nunavut. By doing this presentation it brings our history, tradition and culture to our future generations of Nunavut and i think its great! I know its alot of work but i know i can do it like all the other courses i’ve taken.

These are the expectations i think i need to get from this course. I’m sure it’ll be a good course to learn and enjoy.



  1. Managing a classroom is a little bit science and a little bit of art and a lot of you! When you are in the classroom focus on what the teachers are doing, bad or good. Don’t be too fast to criticize the bad because we all need to try new things and the teacher might feel nervous with you in the class too!


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