Posted by: abbyanavilok | November 4, 2011

Answers to questions on article

Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom

1. Why does the author of the article feel that blogs are beneficial to education?

she feels that using blogs is an excelent tool for communicating with students. It opens up participating in any discussions for students that are shy to participate in classroom discussions, it helps them to read and write, and it helps teachers to assign assignments for his/her students.

2. Based on this article, what do you feel is the most important feature of blogs making them beneficial to a students education?

I feel that the most important feature is that a teacher can open up a blog for his/her students to look on and assign homework on that blog. This gets the students to read, write, research on internet and get homework done anytime wherever the student can get access to the internet. Not only the teacher can do this, but he/she can also set the settings for only the classroom to be able to answer questions and comment on any article or homework assignments. This way the classroom can be protected from child preditors out there online. Last but not least, young people these days are always online and this a great tool for teachers to get their students to get assignments done on time as long as they are accessed to the internet.


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